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Flooring Paso Robles

Frontier Floors & Window Coverings has been meeting Paso Robles flooring needs since 1977.

  • We carry the top brands from leading flooring manufacturers
  • We help you choose the best flooring for your home, business and budget
  • We help with design questions, measurements, quantities, delivery and installation

From new construction to touching up a room or remodeling the home, get the best quality service and flooring in Paso Robles from Frontier Floors & Window Coverings.

  • Hardwoods come in traditional to contemporary finishes in common and exotic woods. Add a warm richness with deep colors or a fresh, breezy look with lighter wood.
  • Laminates, simulating the look of wood, marble or granite with a durable finish and easy installation, are a cost-effective alternative with a great sense of style
  • Cork showcases a rich, natural pigment and is long-wearing and sound absorbent
  • Tile is excellent for high traffic areas and unique design and border treatments
  • Vinyl is economic, easy to maintain, and a high-performance flooring in a range of patterns and colors
  • Carpets and area rugs add layers of versatility and texture to spaces of all sizes

Choosing the right flooring

Quality flooring adds value to a home in resale value and the lifestyle of your family. Keep your home beautiful and your lifestyle simplified by letting us help you choose the right flooring. Flooring is a long-term investment. Let us help you choose the best flooring for any room in your house, for high traffic areas, for entry ways, mud rooms, kitchen, baths, living and personal spaces.

We can help you with one room or an entire house or office. We have one of the largest showrooms in North San Luis Obispo County.


Creates the warmth and character you desire. Choose from traditional to contemporary or smooth to distressed finishes in common or exotic woods.


Long wearing – similar to wood with rich, natural pigment. It is warm and sound absorbent – truly a “green” building product.


Allows your creativity to match your decor with unique design and border treatments. Excellent for high traffic areas.


Simulates the look of wood, marble or granite with a durable finish and easy installation. A cost-effective alternative that still shows a great sense of style.


Economical and easy to maintain with realistic wood and tile patterns and high performance wear that resists scratches and scuffs.

Waterproof Flooring

Vinyl has a natural resistance to water and moisture, whereas laminate is typically more susceptible to damage when moisture is present. While WPC vinyl flooring has been the leading waterproof flooring option, manufacturers are now releasing waterproof laminate options in order to compete.

At Frontier Floors we can help you with your design selections and make sure you are using the correct type of hard surface flooring for your particular needs.



We feature hard surface flooring from the following manufacturers. You can link to their websites to see their many products, and then visit our showroom to see more.

Hardwood and Laminate

Hardwood and Laminate

hardwood flooring
waterproof flooring

Waterproof Floors and Vinyl

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Interesting facts about Paso Robles flooring

The city of Paso Robles has population of approximately 32,000, and represents a percentage of the entire population of North San Luis Obispo County. Paso Robles and Atascadero are the only two incorporated towns in the north county region, although other towns and census designated areas make up a substantial part of the population.

Floor coverings are not new and Paso Roblans have been on top of the latest trends of their times since the original Oholone and their ancestors, and the Spanish missionaries and pioneers created weather proof floors from hard-packed earth, adobe, or wood planks. Some of the oldest floor coverings through history include carpets that first came in to use 5000 years ago and stone and brick floors are just about as old. The Romans introduced tile making. Linoleum, on the other hand, is a relatively new invention that was patented in 1863 by an English rubber manufacturer, Frederick Walton. Vinyl flooring wasn’t far behind, arriving after American inventor Dr. Watson Semon, discovered PVC (polyvinyl chloride) in 1926. First used for shock absorbers, vinyl was later used to develop synthetic tires, to insulate wires during World War II, and finally becoming popular as a floor covering after the war.

Frontier Flooring & Window Coverings has been supplying floor coverings and window treatments to the Paso Robles area since 1977.

The GPS coordinates for Paso Robles are 35.6369° N, 120.6545° W.

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